Trainer and support staff experiences of engaging with the Who’s Challenging Who? challenging behaviour training course

Flynn S, Hastings R, Gillespie D, McNamara R, Randell E

Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 2019, Online,

Available online 3 Jan 2019


The Who’s Challenging Who? (WCW) training is coproduced and delivered by people with intellectual disabilities (IDs), and it aims to improve staff empathy for people with challenging behaviour (CB). This study qualitatively describes trainees’ and trainers’ experiences of the WCW.

Semi-structured interviews were undertaken with managers (n = 7), support staff (n = 6) and the WCW trainers (n = 4; three had IDs). Interviews were transcribed verbatim and analysed using thematic analysis.

Two cross-cutting themes were drawn from the data: (1) valued roles of the trainers, whereby trainers and trainees benefited from the training being coproduced and delivered by people with IDs, and (2) beyond the training, within which trainees reported that they were engaging in increased reflection about their past and current practice.

Being trained by people with IDs and CB appears to be a useful method, which can lead to perspective taking and reflection about supporting people with IDs and CB.