The state of adult social care research: findings from an on-line survey

Rehill A, King D, Knapp M

Research Policy and Practice 2012, 29, 2: 115—134


This paper describes the findings from an online survey that asked about the status of social care research in 2010. Some questions reflected concerns raised at a 2005 seminar, organised by the Department of Health, that had discussed social care research. Notwithstanding the difficulties of collecting this kind of information through an online survey, the findings offer some useful insights. A number of improvements were described over the period from 2005 to 2010, including a more strategic approach to research, greater emphasis on interdisciplinarity, a greater practice focus, better accessibility to findings, some influences on policy and practice, and greater involvement of people who use services and carers. On the other hand, there were strong concerns about the future funding of social care research, with associated concerns about the effectiveness of care and support. Concerns were also expressed about ethics and governance arrangements, and research careers.