Rebuilding lives: supporting formerly homeless people to achieve independent living

Maureen Crane Completed   2014


Over the last 15 years, the government has invested hugely into tackling homelessness and its prevention and alleviation, and programmes and support services for people who are homeless or at-risk have proliferated. Nonetheless, the number of people becoming homeless is increasing. Some are newly-homeless, but many others have experienced repeat episodes of homelessness. Many of the latter are multiply-disadvantaged, have complex needs, and require help to cope with independent-living.

The Rebuilding Lives study built on a completed study (FOR-HOME) of the outcomes over the first 18 months of single homeless people in London, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire who were resettled into independent accommodation. Rebuilding Lives involved the same participants and interviewed them five years after they were resettled. The study collected information about how they are coping with independent-living, their longer-term care and support needs, and whether and how these are being met.

Rebuilding Lives: supporting formerly homeless people to achieve independent living
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