To identify, and assess the effectiveness of social care's, contribution to the development of Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences and the protection of adults facing domestic violence

Hugh McLaughlin Completed   2014


People should feel secure in their homes regardless of their age or care needs. However, the home can be an unsafe place for many people. A danger many adults face is violence from someone within the home. This is known as domestic violence. In Manchester, in order to prevent serious violence or death from domestic violence, a number of organisations (such as the police, social care and health) meet regularly to discuss different people who are at risk. These meetings are known as Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs).

The conferences identify a range of services to be offered to people at risk to help them remain safe. In Manchester there are about 100 cases to discuss each month.

This research aimed to look at the way these organisations work together and how effective they are in protecting people. The research aimed to learn about the role social care workers currently have in working with other organisations to reduce the risks of domestic violence, and assess how well the organisations currently work together to protect adults at risk.

Domestic violence, adult social care and MARACs: implications for practice
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