Development of a future Dementia Research Leader: boosting training and development toward an independent Fellowship in strategies to support people who live with coexisting dementia and hearing loss

Emma Broome In progress  


Dementia and hearing loss are highly prevalent and increase in prevalence and severity with age. Among certain populations, e.g., in care homes, the vast majority of people live with one or the other condition, and many live with both. Both dementia and hearing loss present substantial challenges for individuals and healthcare systems more broadly. The presence of both conditions can mask each other, presenting challenges for both diagnosis, treatment and support; living with both conditions can increase care burden. It is difficult for social care providers to help individuals with a dual diagnosis of dementia and hearing loss to live well.


This award will support Emma to bring the two areas firmly together, drawing upon ongoing work, and guided by the NIHR Framework for research in MLTCs, by leading an independent programme of applied multi-morbidity research to benefit individuals living with coexisting dementia and hearing loss.