Career steps for future research on young carers and social care: Chloe Alexander

Chloe Alexander Completed   2022


Dr Chloe Alexander is an early career researcher with expertise in young carers, inequalities and the social care system. She moved from working in policy advocacy in the third sector, specialising in social care, to the early phase of a research career, having completed a PhD on the inequalities within and between families with young carers.

Chloe’s award stems from identifying a lack of evidence on the ways that inequalities impact on young carers and how they interact with the challenges of being carers.


This career development award aims to support Chloe to look to:

  • develop new avenues for future research on young carers and secure funding to take forward research in this area;
  • complete training to support her to secure research funding and develop as an independent researcher; and
  • build her publication record.