Wenjing Zhang

Dr Wenjing Zhang

Fellow | academic

Research Associate
University of Kent
Centre for Health Services Studies George Allen Wing Cornwallis Building Canterbury


Wenjing’s research expertise and interests focus on health and social care, ageing and social policy. With experience using both qualitative and quantitative methods over 9 years studying the health and social care sector, she has worked on a few policy- and practice- oriented research projects.

Wenjing is currently leading an SSCR-funded project on ‘Understanding and supporting older people’s ‘transition’ between different care settings: co-production of practice guidance for social care practitioners’. She also works on the projects ‘Kent Adult Social Care Partnership’ (Funder: NIHR HS&DR), ‘The dyadic wider impact of social care: support for older carers and the people they care for’ (Funder: SSCR), ‘Identifying and improving the capacity of health service staff to conduct research’ (Funder: Cancer Research UK) and ‘Realist Evaluation of Autism ServiCe Delivery (RE-ASCeD)’ (Funder: NHS England).