Paul Clarkson

Dr Paul Clarkson

Dementia Research Programme | academic

Senior Lecturer in Social Care
University of Manchester
The University of Manchester Oxford Road Manchester
M13 9PL

Dr Paul Clarkson has worked in social care throughout his professional life. His background is in psychiatric and medical social work, including statutory work and assessment of cases of deliberate self harm of patients attending Accident & Emergency. He has held research appointments previously at the Institute of Psychiatry, London and St James’s Hospital, Leeds.

Paul is an active collaborator; with university researchers internationally, local authority and health staff and third-sector organisations.  His current work is in the use of social care routine data, digital assessments and solutions for social care organisations, integrated data (between social care and the NHS), dementia support, improving social care research capacity and supervising post-graduate students in public health and social care research.

Paul is a specialist senior social care research advisor for the North West NIHR Research Design Service.