Juliette Malley

Dr Juliette Malley

Senior Fellow | academic

Assistant Professorial Research Fellow
London School of Economics and Political Science
Personal Social Services Research Unit
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street
020 7955 6134

Juliette Malley is an Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Personal Social Services Research Unit at London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Kent. She is also a member of the Quality and Outcomes of person centred care (QORU) policy research unit.

Her research interests include the measurement of outcomes and quality in long-term care, performance and quality of long-term care systems, regulation of long-term care and financing of long-term care systems.

She is a member of the team that developed ASCOT, a new measure of social care outcomes for use in economic evaluation, and led the development of the Adult Social Care Survey that is currently used by the Department of Health to monitor the quality of care provided to publicly-funded service users. Juliette has also contributed to various studies looking at the future of funding for social care.

Juliette is currently involved in the EXCELC study, funded by NORFACE under the Welfare State Futures Programme, which is seeking to compare the effectiveness and efficiency of non-institutional long-term care (e.g. home care, day centres) for older adults and their informal carers in Austria, England and Finland. The aim of this study is to strengthen the research base in long-term care and help guide policy-makers and practitioners to make outcomes-focused, economically-sound decisions about long-term care.