Jane Wilcock

Ms Jane Wilcock

Dementia Research Programme | academic

Senior Research Associate
University College London
Research Department of Primary Care & Population Health UCL, Royal Free Campus Rowland Hill Street London

Jane Wilcock is based at the Centre for Ageing & Population Studies within the Research Department of Primary Care & Population Health, University College London. Her main research interests are in dementia, ageing, emergent technologies and trials of complex interventions in primary care and community settings. This includes a focus on improving the diagnosis and management and end of life care for people with dementia and their families.

Jane is an advocate for partnering with people living with dementia and care partners throughout the dementia research process. She is currently involved in two co-design studies creating an online dementia guide to support people after a diagnosis of dementia, Forward with dementia.

Jane is a qualitative methodology expert for the NIHR Research Design Service London and is a UCL Tutor teaching qualitative research methods in health care research across several courses. She is a member of the UCL Qualitative Health Research Network and Training Committee.