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21 October 2021

Silva Lining’s Care Plan Podcast

Silva Lining’s Care Plan is a podcast drama based on the original diaries of paid carers of people with dementia collated as part of research by the University of Nottingham, giving an insight into the hidden world of home care and the relationships between carer and the cared-for.

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26 May 2021

Poem: Paying for social care

This poem, produced in 2020, is about the experiences and hopes of older people who self-fund their social care produced by the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York based on discussions during the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2020.

27 December 2020

Silva Lining’s Care Plan Play

This video, produced in 2018, is the trailer for a play produced by 2BU Productions Ltd based on research findings by University of Nottingham on understanding good home care.

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