Jeanne Carlin

Jeanne Carlin

We are deeply saddened that Jeanne Carlin passed away on Friday 31 January. She was surrounded by her family; our thoughts and best wishes are with them at this time.

Jeanne was one of the first members of the NIHR School for Social Care Research family, joining us in 2009 as a member of our User, Carer, Practitioner Reference Group – she was a carer of her daughter Erica for 40 years. Her contributions to our work have been innumerable, and have supported many of our achievements over the last eleven years. She was an inspiration to us. 

Jeanne was a stupendous woman, and a strong and generous supporter of improvements to adult social care and research for many years. She helped to improve social care research, practice and advocacy through her many contributions and through her membership of the Social Care Research Ethics Committee.

She was a fabulous, kind and joyous person to spend time with; an amazing individual who will always be remembered and missed.

Jeanne was, and will always remain, a core member of the School’s family.



Saturday, February 1st, 2020

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