Maximising Research Impact

We emphasise the importance of impact to ensure that the research we commission has the potential to improve care.

We continue to evidence impact from the last ten years of the School’s research. Our research demonstrates impact through citations in, for example, NICE social care guidance and DHSC policy guidance and national strategies. We are informing service delivery programmes, developing and trialling new interventions, and producing tools and guidance to support specific groups of people or specific practice issues. Our studies also have potential for international impact.

We continue to explore and learn about ways to address challenges of implementation of findings into practice as well as to demonstrate our impact on practice. We are working to distil lessons from our range of work on research impact, and draw together the evidence on what are the most effective knowledge exchange strategies for achieving impact with difference audiences and for communicating different types of messages to inform the third phase of the School.

Impact case studies from our research will be available soon.