Family group conferences

Family group conferences

Our latest methods review focuses on researching family group conferences (FGCs) in adult services.

As part of the development of strengths-based social work practice in England, there is increasing interest in approaches such as FGCs and the potential to successfully transfer learning about FGCs from children’s to adults’ services. For researchers investigating interventions in adult social care, the methods used to study FGCs in children’s social care may be potentially transferable.

The aim of this review, by Professor Jill Manthorpe and Joan Rapaport from the NIHR Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King’s College London, is to explore what methods have been used or might be used to research FGCs in adult social care and social work in England, and comments on their advantages and disadvantages.

Further information

Manthorpe J, Rapaport J (2020) NIHR SSCR Methods Review 26: Researching Family Group Conferences in Adult Services, NIHR School for Social Care Research, London.

Friday, December 11th, 2020

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