NIHR SSCR Capacity Building Workshop: From to social care

This workshop will discuss the experiences and methods behind the Health Talk online resource for the public ( The website provides free, reliable information about health issues by sharing people’s real-life experiences. A robust methodological approach underpins the development of these resources.

Health Talk is now examining how this experience and approach could be used in social care. In the workshop participants will learn more about the history and experience of Health Talk and have an opportunity to consider how it and the methodology used can connect with their research and care interests.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in learning about and discussing further the application of the Health Talk approach to social care.

The workshop will be run by Professor Sue Ziebland and Dr Sara Ryan from the University of Oxford.

The NIHR SSCR Capacity Building Workshop Series is supported by the NIHR Academy and the Department of Health and Social Care.