NIHR Incubator for Social Care

The NIHR Incubator for Social Care has been established to help build capacity for research within adult social care. The Incubator is developing a supportive and high-profile community of individuals and organisations in adult social care with an interest in research.

Through a variety of means, the Incubator provides opportunities to learn about adult social care, related research and the opportunities that exist for developing research knowledge, skills, networks and projects in the sector.

The Incubator is for individuals with both potential and established interest in research in adult social care.

As the Incubator progresses it will identify further opportunities for greater collaborations between individuals, existing training programmes and infrastructure to enhance career progression opportunities, to raise the profile of adult social care within NIHR, and to work with other funders of research and policy and practice organisations.

The Incubator aims to stimulate, inspire and support those with an interest in the field of adult social care to pursue research and practitioner-researcher careers by:

  • enhancing the opportunities for those pursuing, or wanting to pursue, academic careers in the field
  • better provision of, and sign-posting to career support activities
  • building a community to offer support and share best practice.

The NIHR Incubators were developed to support capacity building and multidisciplinary career development in priority areas where critical mass is low.

Incubators are virtual, managed across multiple sites and organised by discipline. They provide targeted high level career development support, led by experts in the field and supported by the NIHR Academy.

This initiative aims to encourage early career interest in target disciplines to build identifiable communities through networking and provision of bespoke training and development support.

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The Incubator works with ongoing capacity development initiatives delivered within NIHR SSCR, NIHR Infrastructure and existing NIHR Academy training programmes to enable increased opportunity for, and retention in research careers in social care. The Incubator also works with other funders of adult social care research and practice organisations.

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View details of NIHR Academy initiatives

The Incubator links to capacity-building events organised by NIHR SSCR.

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The Incubator aims to work across NIHR to develop learning opportunities and materials on adult social care and related research for a range of audiences.

The Social Care Incubator full web platform will be relaunched in November 2022. To receive information about the resources when they launch and to join the Incubator, please join our Mailing List below.

Members of the Steering Committee for the NIHR Incubator for Social Care are:

Professor Catherine Robinson (Chair)
Capacity-Building Lead and Deputy Director, NIHR SSCR

Professor Martin Knapp
Director, NIHR SSCR

Dr Paul Clarkson
Senior Fellow, NIHR SSCR

Dr Leanne Dew
Principal Research Analyst, SRE, Department of Health and Social Care

Ms Alice Clarkson
Senior Programme Manager, NIHR Academy

Ms Anji Mehta
Finance and Impact Manager, NIHR SSCR

Mrs Karen Fernando
Assistant Director, NIHR Academy

Dr Michael Clark
Research Programme Manager, NIHR SSCR

Administrative support

Daniel Gulliford
Capacity-Building Officer, NIHR SSCR

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