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MR1 Qualitative methods overview
MR2 LGBT sexualities in social care research
MR3 A brief guide to carrying out research about adult social care services for visually impaired people
MR4 Research governance and ethics for adult social care research: procedures, practices and challenges
MR5 The use of 'large-scale datasets' in UK social Care research
MR6 Overview of outcome measurement for adults using social care services and support
MR7 Mathematical modelling and its application to social care
MR8 Care homes
MR9 Research with d/Deaf people
MR10 Observational methods
MR11 Research with Black and Ethnic Minority people using social services
MR12 End-of-life care research methods
MR13 Systematic reviews in social care and social work research
MR14 Modelling social care complexity: the potential of System Dynamics
MR15 MRC guidance on developing and evaluating complex interventions: Application to research on palliative and end of life care
MR16 Quality of life: measures and meanings in social care research
MR17 Randomisation and chance-based designs in social care research
MR18 Practitioner research in social care: a review and recommendations
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The School for Social Care Research (Phase II, 2014 - 2019) is a partnership between the London School of Economics and Political Science and the Universities of Bristol, Kent, Manchester and York, and is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (

Phase I (2009 - 2014) of SSCR involved the London School of Economics and Political Science, King’s College London and the Universities of Kent, Manchester and York.
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